Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Steps - Create a Generic Email Account

Most online services require an email address to register to that service.  It is best to create a generic email account that can be used.  You have the option to create a generic email account on any popular public free email service like Gmail, Windows Live, and Yahoo Mail.  Here are some PDF Guides that you may find helpful:


You will be using the generic email account to register for most of the available online services you subscribe your club to in the future.  It is critical that you always think about the sustainability ... what would happen if you suddenly were no longer available?  Would your club's online services and resources be locked up with no way to manage them or delete them?  This is an rarely envisioned when clubs first start out, but always presume that the worst could happen.

At a minimum, always ensure that two individuals who trust each other and which the club executive trust, have the "keys to the kingdom".  Write down the login credentials (login name and password) and ensure that a copy is provided to the other club member you trust.  Ensure that a written record is maintained of all of the online services subscribed to and the login credentials used.  Both of you should be equally conversant with how to manage each service, or you may want to split the work load between both of you.

After creating this basic online presence, you can extend to using other services that may be of specific use for specific needs.


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