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Changes at Blogger
Recently the development team at Blogger revamped the administrative panel where the work is done to create a website/blog.  The impact is rather dramatic ... all of the screen shot graphics that are currently in the online lessons are no longer valid and the steps in most of the procedures have changed.  As a result, the lesson content at is no longer correct and it will take a significant amount of time to modify that content. 

Working with
I recently spent some time working with to build a sample club website during a training workshop that I hosted at the AMS&NW District 13 Annual Convention.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I used to build a new website for the St. Albert Breakfast Optimist Club.

Facebook Changes
Facebook recently introduced "Timeline" and a new look for pages and groups, so all the Facebook lessons and PDF guides need to be rewritten.

Put Your Club Online is Moving to offers a much easier, more flexible and faster means to host an educational website and blog, so I will be spending the next year writing and posting replacement lessons along with some video tutorials.

What about Blogger?
I am still a firm believer that Blogger is an exellent Blog and online News delivery system.  We will upgrade our Blogger lessons so we can continue to support those users that have used Blogger to host your club websites.

What Comes Next?
We need to unpublish the content that is no longer accurate, so you will see most of the Blogger lessons disappear.  We will leave some of the content visible and we will maintain Put Your Club Online here until we are ready to "flick the switch" ... we may even keep it going or rename it so that it is Blogger specific ... time will tell.

Join our journey
So come join us and learn more as we progress through the transition and find more useful online services that you can take advantage of..

Yours in Optimism,
Optimist Gord

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  1. Don't be afraid to experiment. I just created a new blog/website for the P.A. Optimist Club. I didn't have directions, and just played around. Use the help search. It helps much.


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